White Stork White Stork was born from the desire of a group of guides with more than 10 years of experience in cultural and active tourism, co-workers in several projects, in which they all have something in common; the attraction for traveling and the passion for Portugal.

It all started with a very simple idea; showing Portugal, its culture and natural beauty in an authentic, passionate and engaging way, with a focus on sustainability and the preservation of local customs and habitats. Our catering and accommodation partners are small local units, often family-run.

Responsible and sustainable tourism are part of our core values; for this reason, our offer of services is designed taking into account the respect and support for local cultures and the conservation of the environment and nature. Therefore we always allocate part of our profits to support associations or local development projects.

We offer a full range of services from walking tours in the city or in the countryside, cultural daytrips, surf trips, cycling trips, visits to museums and customized trips throughout the Portuguese territory. We prefer small groups, as in addition to the lower impact on the environment, they increase the flexibility of the trip, adding other options of interest to the planned itinerary, especially in the case of our private tours.

Tours in Portugal